8 (Insider) Tips to make certain your Yakiniku Restaurant Grand Opening Is a Success

In 2016, there were over 2,700 restaurants in Singapore. Undoubtedly that amounts only have climbed since then; competition is fierce in this area, especially since there are a whole lot of foodies around.

If you’re starting a Yakiniku restaurant shortly, then you will need to do everything in your power to make sure it’s a success! The moment you get customers in through the door and they taste your food, then you’re set.

So how do you ensure your big day everything you dreamed of, and more?

To aid you, here are 8 insider tips for a successful restaurant grand opening.

1. ) Let the World Know Before You Open

You may be opening the perfect Yakiniku res in Singapore. Undoubtedly that amounts only have climbed since then; competition is fierce in this area, especially since there are a whole lot of foodies around. .

What you’ll have to do is drum up business before you’re even open. Plan your killer promo and get in touch with bloggers and news media.

Give them a taste of what’s to come, and keep them intrigued by regularly posting on your restaurant’s social media pages. Having said that, should you not have social networking accounts for it yet, then get on that pronto! The more quickly you are ready to engage with potential customers, the better.

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2. Dear Food Price–Let’s Be Friends

Your food prices are your best friend. . .or your worst enemy. Set it too high, and your business will be a trickle, even if you have some of the best food in town. Set it too low, and you will be in the red, even in case you get crowds coming in.

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What you will need to do is be sure you’re serving premium food at affordable prices. The moment you understand what you will function on your Yakiniku restaurant, start pricing up how much the elements will cost at your preferred vendors. Then, factor in your other overhead, such as employee wages, rent, utilities, and much more.

The moment you have got those numbers, then you might want to set the food prices at a rate where they will cover your overhead, and then some. Don’t get too greedy; you can always raise your prices slowly in the future when you have established your restaurant as a respectable and best place to eat.

3. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

And it will bring thousands of people to you!

In cases such as this, the consumer will satisfy the images before the meat (no pun intended).

Remember how we mentioned to drum up business before your grand opening? A perfect ways to do it would be to take photos of whatever you’re going to be serving in your Yakiniku restaurant and post them on your own social networking accounts.

Social media is the perfect channel to spread the information about your restaurant since it can go viral within a couple of minutes or hours. This is because it’s extremely easy to enjoy and reshare posts users like. So let them do the advertising for you!

4. ) Are You Ready for a Big Party?

You may be anticipating a massive crowd, but is your group too? A disconnect between expectations can cause your grand opening to quickly fall apart.

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Besides ordering loads of components and inventory to your Yakiniku restaurant, you also have to prep the kitchen team and make sure they are ready for any sudden surges in orders.

Remember: a hungry customer is an angry customer, and you want to keep everyone as happy as possible on your big day!

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5. Wow, QR Code! Scan It Quick!

With so much technology now, people are obsessed with using each new item of technology. For instance, consumers love scanning QR codes now, especially if it helps ease matters!

For instance, you can locate a self-ordering solution where customers can place orders independently. This system is integrated with your POS system so that your kitchen team gets the orders straight away.

Not only can this technology make your customers happy, but it will also free up your employees to perform different tasks, such as conduct the food to tables or bring the bills to customers that are done dining.

6. Hajimemaste!

Considering Yakiniku is Japanese cuisine, it has to make sense your restaurant must appeal to a Japanese audience. Luckily, Japan is one of the best tourist spots for Singaporeans, so we know and love their food!

Make certain you do the cuisine justice and have some employees who are Japanese. Your customers will certainly appreciate authenticity.

7. Have Killer Bargains

What is going to definitely entice people to come to your grand opening is killer deals.

For example, the recent launch of Yakiniku Like at the Paya Lebar Quarter, the restaurant launch a voucher for Karubi Place at $2.90. Contemplating”2″ is”ni,” and”9″ is”kyu” in Japanese, it’s a clever play on words (“niku”)! In addition, at such prices, no diner will be able to resist!

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8. Aim for Top-Notch Food and Service

What makes a restaurant really good is the marriage between excellent food and service. So not only do you need to wow your diners with excellent food, but you wish to also knock their socks off with exemplary customer service.

When it’s possible to create their own first encounter on your restaurant a foodie’s dream come true, then they’re guaranteed to come over and over!

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