8 Innovative B2B Ecommerce Sites

B2B ecommerce sites are typically more complicated, with more features, than B2C. In this guide, I will address eight innovative B2B ecommerce sites. My company does not have any business relationship with these examples. But they are persuasive and they provide inspiration for other B2B merchants.

Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific is a provider of medical and laboratory equipment and supplies. Its website, FisherSci.com, makes a excellent use of promotions. On the top right there is an invitation to”Restock Your Lab with up to 50% Off.”

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FisherSci.com employs a 50 percent off message targeted at its potential clients.

When you click on the”Restock Your Lab…” link to get there in the promotions page, there are numerous offers, like those that allow you to trade in an older meter to receive a discount. When you click to benefit from the deal, there’s a tab which describes the very simple procedure to redeem the buy. There is also an explanation of Fisher Scientific’s recycling process for the older gear.

FisherSci.com supplies a program to trade in an old meter to get a discount on a new one.

Haas Automation

Haas Automation manufactures machine tools.

Do you think your products are too big and expensive to advertise online? Think again. In HaasCNC.com, visitors can assemble a quote request to have a machine, and then print it or send it to a merchant for follow up. This is convenient for the potential buyers, and it’s effective for the Haas Automation sales personnel.

If you’re concerned about sharing pricing publicly, consider the Haas Automation approach, but restrict the prices to just inner sales pitches I have seen other companies build tools like this. It ensures consistency in the earnings, pricing, and quoting process.

HaasCNC.com visitors can assemble a quote request to have a server, and then print it or send it electronically.


Grainger is a leading provider of industrial supplies. Its website is Full of features that make it easier for business buyers, for example:

  • Estimated product arrival times on the product page, even before login;
  • the ability to restrict search results to only show previously purchased products;
  • A mobile app which enables buyers to upload an image and chat using a broker, and allows them to scan a barcode to rapidly re-order the identical item.
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Grainger shows estimated arrival time until you place an order. Watch”Expected to arrive” at lower right, under”Add To Cart.”

Grainger’s mobile app allows buyers to send photographs and talk to waiting agents, along with scanning a barcode to quickly re-order precisely the same item.

MSC Industrial Supply

MSC Industrial Supply is a worldwide supplier of industrial equipment and tools. Its website, MSCDirect.com, provides tools that make it easier for buyers to track and allocate expenses. Buyers can log in and create categories and values that company personnel must enter when placing an order, providing clarity about which financing the item falls into.

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MSC Industrial Supply provides its customers powerful cost allocation tools.

Furthermore, MSCDirect.com provides for purchasing workflows so that requests can be submitted by a single user and approved by another.

The screenshot below shows a shopping cart that has been filled in a organization that has an arrangement approval workflow setup. This user will send the shopping cart to the buyer which will approve and place the order. Companies may set up individual buyers with different spending amounts, so the buyers can purchase items under their spending limit or, alternatively, send the orders to other buyers, with larger limits, to complete the purchase.

MSC Industrial Supply offers a feature where a buyer a can set up an agreement and forward it to another buyer for approval.


How do you stand out with a commodity product? You solve a customer’s problem. That’s the aim of 4Imprint, a provider of promotional products.

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Say a possible buyer understands she is attending a trade show in 1 week. She’s no promotional product to inventory in her booth. 4Imprint. Com provides a mega menu that provides a fast visual navigation to products that might be sent within 24 hours.

4Imprint provides quick 24-hour possibilities for businesses looking for personalized merchandise.

4Imprint’s ordering process is simple and intuitive. It reduces perceived risk by providing a clear guarantee along with customer reviews. The site lists easy access to the customer care staff with chat and a 1-800 number. If a shopper waits over 60 minutes to talk to a representative, 4Imprint will give him $25 off his next purchase.

4Imprint has a very straightforward and intuitive ordering system.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller, the office furniture provider, provides a convenient selector to help buyers locate the perfect chair.

HermanMiller.com provides a seat picking tool to aid buyers.

Moreover, product pages provide supporting information like reviews, a product Q&A, shipping date, and a satisfaction guarantee. There’s also a very simple product-configuration interface.

The product page is clean with customization options, estimated arrival, and much more.

At the bottom of product pages are popular configurations to aid shoppers decide.

HermanMiller.com shows popular chair configurations to help buyers decide.


This supplier of radio-frequency and microwave components provides useful content which motivates shoppers in their purchasing process and in doing their tasks. In Pasternack.com’s”Resources” tab, there is”Engineer’s Resource Center,””Buyer’s Resource Center,” and”RF Institute.”

Pasternack.com provides a Cable Creator Tool which enables buyers to design their own cable assembly, to ship the same day. The tool is not optimized for smartphones, but, nonetheless, it enables buyers to build a unique, customized product — a very compelling feature.

Pasternack contains a tool that lets customers create a personalized product that will ship in 24-hours.

New Pig

New Pig’s products clean up and prevent leaks, drips, and spills. NewPig.com is one of my favorite ecommerce sites. It is a reminder that B2B doesn’t have to be boring.

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The site does a lot of things well. It is fun brand that uses abandoned cart email campaigns that will make you smile. Buyers can buy products to auto-ship, to acquire the merchandise continually. This is convenient for buyers and increases their life worth for the New Pig.

NewPig.com has a clean user experience that encourages shoppers to buy and spend more money. The shopping cart page highlights the”No Guff” guarantee. The webpage uses color — red — to highlight buttons. At the bottom of the shopping cart page is”Today’s Daily Deal,” which shoppers could buy only on this now for a discounted price.

New Pig’s shopping cart page highlights its”No Guff” guarantee. The webpage uses color — red — to highlight checkout buttons and it features a one-time”Today’s Daily Deal” in the base.

What We Cannot See

The B2B illustrations above have characteristics available to the general public. Many other powerful B2B ecommerce websites have resources available for their customers, reps, and vendors only when they log into. For companies that want to restrict what they publicly speak about, think about offering tools like these after customers log in. Or, alternatively, offer some funds to the public and a great deal more behind a login.

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