7 ways to increase newsletter sign-ups before the holidays

Less than five months to Christmas Day, now’s the time you should be developing your newsletter database as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I just signed up — or tried to sign up to 14 online gift retailers’ newsletters and here’s what I would suggest.

1. Put your newsletter sign-up over the fold

Eight of the 14 firms buried their newsletter subscription boxes nicely below the fold. You’re assuming far a lot of traffic for them to scroll down to over halfway, or even right to the bottom to look for your newsletter department — even if they are interested. Show it immediately so that they can quickly fill in their details if they are too busy to hunt for it. My own subscription amounts actually tripled the month after I pushed my newsletter subscription box above the fold.

2. Put your newsletter sign-up someplace on the home page

A couple of the online retailers did not even have a newsletter box on the home page and I looked and looked. Worse, one of them had a Business for Sale advertisement on the home page! This wouldn’t engender confidence in those who have not dealt with you before: you could go out of business before they receive their gift delivered! If you must demonstrate this sort of ad in any respect, maybe you should arrange with your web developer that just heavy repeat clients see this advertisement.

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3. Ask for over their email address


Five of those 14 online retailers requested only for an email address. This makes it quick to sign up, but does not allow you to personalise some of your messages. Even adding another area for a first name would not take people long to fill .

4. Send an immediate welcome email

Ninety minutes after registering, just six of the 12 online retailers confirmed I’d signed up. Only one of those six immediately sent me a 20% new member welcome reduction in my confirmation email — the remainder simply confirmed I’d signed up to hear from them. Individuals who visit your site and enjoy what you sell can find more about who you are and what you offer in a welcome email. And they may want to go shopping straightaway…

5. Tell them what they will get for signing up

Seven of the online retailers’ newsletter sign-up boxes didn’t mention what I’d get in return for giving them my contact details. The one that sent me a 20% new member welcome reduction had really promoted that on registering for the newsletter I’d get a 10% reduction — 20 percent is obviously better! One said only they’d”send only pleasant things”. When I get my first newsletter from them (following the confirmation email that I still have not obtained ), I will know what that is.

6. Tell them how often they will hear from you

None of the 12 online retailers mentioned how often they would email me. It was not clear if I would get my first email from them within five minutes, on the 1st of each month, or whenever they had their next purchase. Tell them the frequency. If you email thrice-weekly — as Gap, J Crew and Banana Republic appear to — let clients know upfront so they do not squint, feeling spammed.

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7. Give them the option to adjust their tastes

Only one of the 12 online retailers supplied a taste centre so I did not need to get irrelevant special offers. It is a battle to get clients to join in the first place — be sure they are only getting the messages that they want.

With luck, all these things can allow you to raise your subscription list prior to the holidays.

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