5 Retail Fashion Apparel Components And Tools You Want to Have On Your ERP Software & POS System

Technology discoveries and rising consumer trends are reshaping the whole shopping landscape in the post apocalyptic age. However, in spite of the popularity of internet shopping, it’s important to not forget that a whole lot of consumer still enter shops that provide exceptional shopping experience. Therefore, it’s inevitable to provide your clients with the best user experience possible throughout the value chain. This being said, it’s very important to endow your retail management team with the ideal apparel management software, POS ERP and omnichannel tools that could keep your shops revved up and help you improve your customer retention and loyalty before other competitions or competitive market movers take them elsewhere.

Most Frequent Apparel Management Software Tools. But is it Enough Nowadays?

This Brief list of apparel retail management software tools is proven to help retailers manage their store operations:

Most of top retail management software developers and providers like ConnectPOS are also made to assist their users handle employee back office requirements, like timetables direction and fingerprint or signature integration among several points of sale requirements and tasks.

But fashion clothes retailers have special considerations that you don’t necessarily see in other vertical markets such as jewelry shops, pet store, sporting goods, health and beauty shops. That is why ConnectPOS has stepped-up the match using an advanced operations solution that apparel retailers can always customize according to their niche market approaches and positioning. Here are some areas of marketing which continue being overlooked or underestimated in retail management

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5 critical operational components every clothes retailer need to get under control

1. Item assortment — When clothes manufacturers produce multiple dimensions and colours, and fashion variants, of every clothing product they produce, it is essential to have the ability to sort these products in a smart way. Smart product variety saves time and money while making your retail performance thinner, more predictive and ultimately more rewarding.

2. Merchandise allocation — Not only do you will need to sort your goods, but in addition, you have to devote counts to each retail store. You can achieve this in a lot of ways, and you keep control over the rules that determine allocation based on the selected parameters. The bottom line is, you know just how much of each item will sell at every store, so it is possible to devote the SKUs intelligently.

3. Automated replenishment — Once you get close to the end of your stock for any item, you will have to replenish your supply also. Do not wait for inventory counts or manual inventory audits. Replenish your product automatically when you hit a shop minimal or an on-hand minimum throughout the operation.

4. Planning — you can’t purchase your products and set your stock if you don’t plan your retail operations to the store level. ConnectPOS’s operations solution for clothes retailers make the planning process simpler by employing an open-to-buy model.

5. Point of sale — Your point of sale terminal is where you satisfy the customer. This component of your performance must pay for itself, which it will as long as you catch the client data efficiently. However, you can still do this by simply integrating the point-of-sale terminal with the rest of your operations.

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As you see, there’s a good deal more to your clothes retail operations than just investing in plug-play retail software applications.

ConnectPOS’s retail management software solution for clothes retailers manages the hard details for you so that you can concentrate on your core operations efficacy in a worry-free atmosphere.

Here are few more perks that include ConnectPOS:

ConnectPOS system does little more than several fast-fashion software packages and pre-packed solutions in regards to retail automation and end-to-end value creation. ConnectPOS is also quite user-friendly and agile system that could run on any modern browser on any wise device, such as touch-screen systems, PCs, and Macs.

What’s more, it generates reporting analytics and stock management dashboards including buying and receiving information in real time.





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