5 Important Components to designing a coffee shop

Being a Melbournian, I enjoy having the ability to generate a fantastic coffee. Right temperature, freshly ground coffee, some abilities and you’ve got it. Therefore it crossed my mind that with virtually every Melbournian a coffee enthusiast, it can not be so tricky to set a successful coffee shop. Probably that is why there are several coffee shops around in town.

Well, I was wrong. It’s not that simple in commercial terms, says Alex Samoun, owner at Temptag and Cortado Coffee in Melbourne. Alex is a good friend and a coffee expert with over ten years of experience in the business. Alex presented an excellent take on the topic and so I had been inclined to discuss it with you here on our website. Here it is:

Many coffee shops commence their business believing that when you’ve mastered the coffee making abilities, you are prepared to give it a go. Well, yes and no, says Alex. What about the coffee shop layout? Layout of a coffee shop is as important as coffee itself and it may or might not be on your skillset zone.

Coffee shops are all about the experience. Your clients see you to have a terrific experience and so your store’s layout is as important to attract new customers and entice them to return.

So, do you have an ideal coffee shop or are you prepared to design one? Let us find out. The following five components are important for designing a commercially successful coffee shop.

1. Shop culture that appeals to your target clients

As we talked, coffee shops are all about serving a excellent experience. You ought not design it according to your own taste. If you’re unsure about unique characteristics of your coffee shop or what appeals to your target clients, do a little research first.

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Learn what appeals to your regional clients — contemporary, retro, relaxing, fancy, child-friendly, healthy or French? Pick it based on taste of your biggest customer group, not your own. By way of instance, if your coffee shop is situated in a middle of outside city suburb with the majority of people comprising of young parents, you better be ready to have child-friendly attributes in your store. Likewise, your retired or aged audience have a different expectation and flavor.

First things first, figure out bulk of your target audience and half of your job is already done.

2. Storefront design

Let us talk your store’s exterior design. It must primarily be based on your store’s concept. Your storefront layout should instantly convey your store’s culture / concept. But, you should also consider following:

  1. Can you have outside seating?
  2. Is your neighborhood council going to allow you to place umbrellas and barriers to outside seating?
  3. What are additional regulatory requirements set by the neighborhood council and/or shopping center?

3. Branding & signage

Again, your store’s branding and signage must reflect your concept / civilization. Attempt to match everything and anything from material, fonts and colours to theme.

Additionally, be certain it is easy to read and identify. It’s always sensible to select a catchy name your customers can easily remember and pronounce. Make certain that you don’t overcomplicate it in effort to make it standout. Quite simply, your brand and signage must offer a fast summary of your company to the passer by prosects.

4. In-store design

So, we’re back to talking about the customer experience. Your coffee shop’s interior is the main design element. Do not forget, your clients are purchasing an experience, not only a cup of java. It’s exactly like purchasing a caravan. Yes, it’s a mode of transportation, but it’s more to do with experience than transportation.

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Among the common mistakes is that owners make minor concept deviations in various portions of the shop. Your concept should remain continuous and evident throughout your store from art, color scheme, wall décor, to the dining room, seating area, display cabinets and counter tops. Most of all, select your store light that goes with the mood that you’re attempting to create. The term’ambience’ is broadly utilised in the business for a reason!

5. Store layout

Another popular common mistake is that some owners wind up overdoing their store’s interior decoration. Please be conscious of the space and placing of your coffee shop. Be wise, improvise and design in accordance with space and design of your store.

Smartly laid out store will enable your staff to effectively operate and move around the store. Additionally, it gives a feeling of distance to your guests and makes them feel comfortable. You must neither design it for employees, not customers. In actuality, you should think about both, get an optimal equilibrium and lay it out so.

Be very clear about what you require. Don’t rush, as soon as you are certain about expectations of your target audience, you can begin on it.

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