5 Advantages of Integrating Your EPOS System with BigCommerce

Does your enterprise run both an ecommerce website using BigCommerce and a brick-and-mortar shop? If the answer is yes, then you’d know of the way your success as a retailer depends upon a tightly-integrated customer experience across all your locations.

To put it simply, customers expect to have the same shopping experience whether or not they purchase through your site or in a physical store.

The perfect way to present this consistency is by implementing an integration between BigCommerce along with your retail EPOS system. Let us take a look at how this integration will help to bridge the gap between your clients’ physical and electronic shopping experiences.

Accurate Product Data

Crunching numbers, data entry and inventory calculation: retailers often despise these buzzwords since they’re mostly connected with mundane and lengthy tasks. You either love them or hate them, and many people are in the latter category.

If your shop runs standalone technology platforms, inventory and accounting information will not sync. If a item is inserted into a single system, somebody needs to manually upgrade any other system that is based on the very same data. So adding 1000 new products to your POS and ecommerce shop could become timely and costly.

However, with the integration between BigCommerce and Epos Now, these updates are automatically applied. You can add and remove products from the catalogues with no headaches. Just think about the time which may be saved as well as the manual entering mistakes which may be avoided.

Updated Inventory Management

Any business owner knows precisely how crucial it is to streamline inventory management. The balancing act of being overstocked or understocked is a fine line, and handling those amounts can be a nightmare.

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Having accurate inventory levels is vital to both in-store and online selling. Not needing up to date data may cause a domino effect like overselling, which may flow on to decreased customer satisfaction and a fall in return clients. As an alternative, you might order a lot of products, boosting your store’s shrinkage costs.

Getting your BigCommerce store connected with your Epos Now system will keep stock levels accurate every time a transaction is finished, irrespective of location. This is vital to supply employees with a real-time upgrade on stock statuses and merchandise availability, reducing the opportunity for overselling automatically.

Share Customer Data Between the Systems

You’ll receive clear insights into customer sales behavior by incorporating your POS system with BigCommerce. Having all of your client data synced in a single centralised location will provide you the ability to analyze trends and create tailored client testimonials. You may monitor in-store and online shopping habits to determine which buyer personas to target. This is a massive advantage from a marketing standpoint, particularly in case you operate a loyalty program.

Add More Sales Channels

Multichannel approaches to running a company are becoming the standard. Does multichannel selling supply customers with more touchpoints, but in addition, it offers the capability to accommodate different buying tastes.

Integrating with BigCommerce permits you to market beyond the constraints of a physical shop. It means your company is no more bound by constraints like opening hours, location and capacity. When an emergency or vacation closes your physical store, you can keep driving revenue through your internet station.

It is not, however, just your clients who benefit from the integration. You will have the ability to save your employees’ time, too. The integration will automate the process of selling across stations, so online orders will no longer need to be manually entered through your POS system – another enormous time saver for any multi-channel enterprise.

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Centralised Reporting

Reporting is crucial to your company’s success. Your POS reports give you insights on sales figures, product functionality, inventory levels and a lot more. Similarly, your BigCommerce shop also provides valuable, in-depth business coverage.

So, what’s the bonus of getting both incorporated? Your accounts are updated in real-time and may be seen from one location, as opposed to jumping between the two. Consider the simplicity that this provides, particularly from an accounting viewpoint. At a glance, you’ll have the ability to see a complete summary of your entire company from sales to inventory numbers on your Epos Back Office.

On top of that, you can get these reports from any device, anywhere. You can go on vacation or work from home and have supervision of your shop.





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