4 Ways Mobile Label Printing Optimizes Order/Pick-up Applications in Restaurants

Various media outlets have written about hilariously misspelled names scribbled on java orders. Even though it could be funny to read about somebody telling a barista their title is”Gunner” and being handed a cup that says”Goner,” handwritten labels can cause significant headaches for restaurant workers.

Order online/pickup is a growing segment of the restaurant business — so it is important for companies with these capabilities to be certain that they do it well. Mobile tag printing helps eliminate confusion while orders are ready and picked up, also it helps speed up customer support by cutting down the time it takes a worker to find an order.


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Here are four benefits to using mobile label printing:

1. Order Accuracy. A mobile printer readily creates clear, easy-to-read order labels for takeout packages. This eliminates the need to write on every container or tape receipts to boxes so workers know which client’s order they belong to. Printed labels will also decrease the number of mistakes made while preparing each purchase and time spent deciphering handwritten names when a client comes in to pick up their meals.

2. Customer Service. Mobile tag printing helps ensure that clients get fast and efficient service. Take out and online orders can be ready quickly and economically, and food is prepared in a timely way. When clients arrive to pick up their purchase, food and drinks can be found quickly so people can get home to enjoy their meals. Definitely printed labels eliminate the possibility that a client will get the wrong order or have lost items.

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3. Branding. Your restaurant’s logo, address, telephone number and website can be added to the label template, so each tag is a consistent representation of your brand. Online orders and other to-go items which leave the restaurant with a customized label are an advertising opportunity which could help drive repeat and new business to your eatery. If takeout or delivery is a new part of your company, it’s a terrific way to get the word out that you provide this service.

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4. Professional Appearance. Messy, handwritten labels do not make a wonderful impression. Take-out packaging that’s printed along with your restaurant’s logo, marketing messages, and contact information give requests a professional appearance. The internet order/pick-up in store procedure will appear smooth and polished and your clients’ positive experience will encourage them to return.

To maximize the effect printed labels can have on your business, you want to use the perfect technology. ConnectPOS‘ SM-L300 portable receipt printer, as an instance, supports thermal receipt paper and lined or linerless MAXStick label paper, which makes it the ideal mobile label printing solution for restaurants. The SM-L300 also doubles as a fully integrated label printer for retail shops, restaurants, delivery, and warehouse applications.

Mobile label printing can help restaurant owners increase precision and efficiency, improve customer service, and ensure that orders are prepared quickly and properly. Printed labels eliminate mistakes made during preparation or pick-up because of lost receipts or a worker’s bad handwriting. Customers will appreciate expert service and a quick, high-quality encounter, which will keep them coming back for more.

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