21 Reasons To Switch To An iPad Restaurant POS

there’s a good deal of information out there on the benefits and disadvantages of iPad POS systems for restaurants. If you are attempting to work out if a cloud-based system is fantastic for your restaurant, here are 21 reasons why you will need to give it a serious thought.

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  1. Centralized inventory management.  Track your orders, inventory, set or change prices, and everything else all in 1 location.
  1. Use the cloud.  All you need is your password along with an app and you can log in from where it is possible to discover net.
  1. The trendy element.  Let’s face it: Traditional POS systems are out and iPad POS systems for restaurants are in.
  2. Cost savings.  While making the leap to an iPad-based POS system requires an upfront investment, you’ll save things like maintenance over time (feel free, cloud-based updates).
  3. Helping the environment.  Goodbye paper receipts, hello digital copies.
  1. Table-side support.  Your servers may take orders and process payments directly from the table with a few taps.
  1. Easy (and enjoyable ) worker training.  Selecting an iPad is much better than filling out a leaflet, right?
  1. Customization.  Legacy systems operate on a one-size-fits-all model whilst restaurant POS systems which function on iPad are highly customizable to your restaurant’s unique needs.
  1. No specialists required.  Legacy systems rely on professionals for everything from repairs to updates. IPad systems, on the other hand, require only a few taps to complete a software update and little more than a phone call to your provider to tackle.
  1. Increased security. The data on many iPad systems is encrypted, which means more safety and safety for both you and your customers.
  1. Smarter marketingSince app-based systems track everything in 1 location (including customer data), targeted advertisements based on your customers’ preferences and habits has never been easier.
  1. Better tips for your staff.  A study by Software Advice discovered that customers are more prone to tip when a restaurant’s iPad POS system forces them to choose between leaving a tip or marking”no hint”
  1. Easy setup.  If you have got painful memories of installing your legacy system and cringe to consider going through that experience, don’t worry–establishing your restaurant’s iPad system is an easy DIY experience that you are able to manage from a desktopcomputer.
  1. Future-focused.  Like almost everything else, restaurant POS systems are transitioning online which means using apps and iPads as opposed to legacy systems that operate independently, internet-less network.
  1. They’re more than enough.  Do iPads seem as if they couldn’t possibly execute each the functions that traditional systems do? They can. It’s the magic of modern software.
  1. Space-saving.  Those clunky legacy systems occupy all kinds of valuable room in your restaurant, don’t they? Imagine replacing them with sleeping iPads and utilizing all of that surplus space for more tables which can be rewarding.
  1. Hassle-free reportingSay farewell to spreadsheets. Everything is tracked in an iPad restaurant POS and allows you to filter by options like host, motive, or authorizer that gives you a topnotch bird’s eye view your restaurant’s happenings.
  1. Integrated online ordering.  iPad POS systems maintain everything in 1 place including online orders. No more flooding your insufficient kitchen with a great deal of orders than they can manage.
  1. Simple reservations.  Online bookings are another example of a significant restaurant function that’s now dominated by the net and a change that restaurants with an iPad POS system can easily absorb.
  1. Floors direction, too.  Many iPad POS systems enable you to control your floors from the app too, easily moving tables around to accommodate larger parties.
  1. Seamless credit card processing.  Yup, another purpose that happens all in one place with an iPad POS app.
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