10 Reasons POS Software Is Far Better Than a Cash Register

Here are ten reasons you may want to upgrade your outdated cash register with a computerized Point of Sale (POS) system:
  1. Accurate Inventory ControlPOS software can monitor store inventory much faster and more accurately than cash registers.
  2. Faster CheckoutPOS applications can interface with barcode scanners, which can scan stock barcodes quicker and with more precision during checkout that speeds up check out times and keeps you lineups shorter.
  3. Barcode Labeling – When getting your new stock, your POS applications can print barcode labels to attach to your stock which will make it much easier to monitor, count and market.
  4. Employee Time CardsSome POS software packages will permit you to also monitor employee sign-in and sign-out occasions, also with the capability to scan worker cards to get more exact hour and wage monitoring.
  5. Customer Loyalty CardsPOS applications can also track customers through phone number, title, or even using a scannable loyalty card that can uniquely identify that client, possibly offer specific discounts, monitor points, or just generally track customer buying patterns.
  6. Significantly Better Reporting – Since POS data is monitored with more detail and precision, like for example monitoring the sale of certain inventory items with barcodes or such as monitoring customer information more accurately, the reports that POS software packages create are typically far superior to that of any cash register. This is a result of the fact that POS software automatically monitors a much deeper set of data in your business in comparison with a cash register, but also because computer packs can create considerably more sophisticated and useful reports and graphs.
  7. Accounting Integration – Many point of sale software packages may also interface with the most popular accounting packages on the market quickly and seamlessly. They can generate export reports and files which may be imported directly into your accounting software which saves a whole lot of time on double-entry of information in addition to makes things considerably more accurate.
  8. ECommerce Integration – Some point of sale bundles also interface directly with eCommerce platforms and sites which means that you may have a far more organized and accurate link between your offline and online store.
  9. Purchase Orders – you’ll also discover that some point of sale packages also let you track your purchase orders for stock purposes so you can much more readily monitor exactly where you bought each stock item, for what cost, and make it easier for you to re-order goods or even return goods for support.
  10. Increased Profitability – Though it might not seem like it in the first stages of your point of sale software buy since cash registers are typically cheaper than good excellent point of sale applications, once you really factor in the time savings, improved customer experience, more accurate inventory, customer, purchase order and employee monitoring and the far more valuable reporting characteristics of POS software packages – it’s significantly easier to run a more profitable company with a point of sale package than a cash register.
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Bar and Bar POS Systems Can Help You Keep One Step Ahead

Manual inventory control and exporting raw sales figures to excel are a thing of the past. Continuous innovations throughout the past ten years have contributed to many important enhancements to POS hardware and software design.

Reducing shrinkage, more than ordering, monitoring operating costs and keeping customers loyal are regular issues for business owners. Designed for management, the most recent POS systems can incorporate many diverse pieces of a company into one stage and automate everyday tasks. Management is through a huge array of user friendly tools and reporting arrangements. The addition of more and more core operation means functions to control front of home through to back office accounting and provider management are covered.

Useful POS features for employees:

  • Large, bright graphic display touch screen designs that display both text and images
  • Pre-configured touch screens which capture 75-85percent of earnings without staff having to change tabs
  • Wristband logons, speedy tender keys, and continue round and bar tab management functions
  • Mobile or handheld POS running the identical touch screen as the POS terminal
  • Unique cash drawers allocated to particular staff member logons
  • Sending food requests direct from the pub POS terminal to wait or kitchen staff
  • Printing person change reports by cash drawer in the prior
  • PDA units with integrated scanners linked to stock to simplify and accelerate stock takes.
  • Automated recognition of consumer membership, printing gift or discount vouchers in the till.
  • Sms or email messaging direct from the POS terminal
  • Constructed in computer training and remote support for Fast onsite learning and problem resolution
  • Robust reliable hardware, better system redundancy and virus proof applications all offer minimum downtime
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Management and proprietor features:

  • Pre-set professionally controlled pricing for happy hours, all menu items, promotions and various areas of the company
  • Standard management reports which can highlight best vendors, slow vendors, slow times, profit margins, voids etc
  • Staff reports to inspire performance number of clients served, average time serving
  • Stock monitoring down to ingredient level, inventory variance and purchase history reports.
  • Automated creation of inventory transfers and purchase orders based on pre requisite re-order levels.
  • Creation of cocktails or recipes based on the present cost of menu items
  • Loyalty tools supporting simple creation of loyalty, reward voucher and membership schemes.
  • Membership cards that could be self-evident and depleted at point of purchase.
  • Easy linking to CCTV systems that can then connect video footage to transactional data
  • Integration with drink monitoring systems monitoring every ounce of alcohol poured

Many of today’s POS systems are also especially designed for every kind of business, whether it be a restaurant or hotel. This normally means that tailored attributes are included and previously tested.

Generally a great POS system must allow for tighter controls and a much better functioning all round on daily tasks.

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